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To demonstrate the power of our GoXML™ search system, we have provided online demonstrations that use sample data from the following sources:

The Works of William Shakespeare

This demonstration is based on a set of Shakespearean plays, which have been marked up in XML by Jon Bosak. Its purpose is to demonstrate how simply GoXML™ can cut through content-oriented data.

Astronomical Data from NASA

Based on a highly scientific, contextually rich, dataset this demonstration highlights GoXML’s™ excellent support for searching; based on document structure and its support for attributes.


CatXML is an open, interoperable standard, for catalog information exchanges. This demonstration shows how the GoXML™ engine can be used to foster interoperable catalog information exchanges between businesses or trading partners.

Context-enabled search on Human Resources Markup Language (HRXML)

This demonstration searches over a collection of Human Resources data (resumes, job postings, etc.) and allows the user to make his/her search criteria more exact by selecting contexts that enclose the search term.

More Demonstrations – XML DSO, Raw XML, etc.

This demonstration page will show one particular way of using GoXML. Please check back often as more demonstrations will be added in the future.

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