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Competitive Analysis
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Sample Business Uses
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Power Features
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Power Features

Technical Capabilities

Content IndexerThrough the use of channels and user account profiles GoXMLprovides the ability to restrict content to describe sets of information with limited access.
Advanced searchingGoXML supports all the XML search mechanisms including contextual, proximity, context, proactive structuring, reactive structuring, and automatic structuring searches.
Secure searchingDouble-byte multi-lingual support
Full XML syntax supportAny XML content can contain business references such as IDREF and embedded content lookups and cross-references. These are all fully resolved by the search engine so that all matching content is accurately retained.
GoXML supports the use of UNICODE double-byte content and multilingual content.In a distributed environment of search engines that are simultaneously indexing and referencing their own information sets, this provides a unification and harmonization mechanism.
Logical joins of search resultsSearch results can be combined in multiple passes to produce dynamic associative searches.
Java, Perl and C++ interfaces to GOXML serverAllows direct content interchange between the search engine and business applications.
Internet information spideringFully internet-compliant spider with support for robot exclusion, DSO, server-side includes, timing scheduler, and more.
Configuration user interfaceFully internet-compliant spider with support for robot exclusion, DSO, server-side includes, timing scheduler and more.
Information aggregationSystem administrators can manage GoXML server configuration through the web forms interface.
Information transformationUsing the built-in interface to ExpressXchg the GoXML system can morph inbound or outbound XML information sets into any required format such as xCBL, RosettaNet, and more. Additionally, the engine can generate form representations such as HTML, XHTML, or hybrid XML formats.
Fully internet-compliant spider with support for robot exclusion, DSO, server-side includes, timing scheduler, and more.Results sets can be filtered by age and other criteria and optionally ordered accordingly.
Cross-structural information retrievalPowerful information manipulation system using easy-to-learn script language that information analysts can use. Avoids the need for specialist programming skills and bridges to HTML for quick forms, menus, and reporting uses.
Coming Soon: GoXML-scriptNormally results are returned as a set of URL references to the original information content. For many business applications, however, the preferred response is to aggregate the actual content itself from each of the references into a single large XML content.
Coming soon: business context integrationBy referencing our SchemaExpress definitions dictionary the GoXML engine will be able to understand semantics and also perform direct rendering and language transformations.
Coming soon: information registryThis is the big strength of XML content searching compared to an RDBMS, the ability to index and retrieve information from highly dissimilar information structures and return them as a coherent set.

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