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The GoXML™ system consists of scalable deployment components described below.

Java, C, and Perl SDKs are also available to directly interface with the GoXML™ engine.

The base system is comprised of three subsystems:


GoXML™’s indexer decomposes XML documents into the GoXML™ index schema.

Query Engine

Handles all search queries and supports a variety of query formats via the API.


Accepts and normalizes into XML any content that is handed to it via a standard TCP/RPC interface. GoXML™ can process a wide variety of non-XML as well as XML formats and transformations. The acceptor places normalized or XML-enveloped data into the indexer’s message queue. It also makes decisions about the content based on built-in heuristics and external hints. Normalization is performed using the same document handler architecture, which was seen in the Spider in the initial architecture. The spider functionality is now embedded in the acceptor, along with the scheduler.

Figure – GoXML™ architecture

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